Uganda: Training Pastors in Kampala

Training Pastors in Kampala, February 2018

The training session went very well at Kolping Hotel. It is a Catholic Institution and do not charge for the venue as long as I buy some food and drinks for the delegates. There were 20 people that Richard Ssendi gathered for the seminar. John Mugisha our Pastor from Masaka also attended. I took him for lunch as well. He is doing a good work both with the MBC satellite and Harvester Church in Masaka. He works with Apostle Tobias on the farm. He tells me the potato & maize harvests were beyond expectation and the potatoes are huge! Tobias is almost finished erecting a storehouse where they can process the maize. They intend to buy a maize-milling machine where they can make maize flour or pap as we know it. They are also getting ready to plant coffee beans on the farm.

Apostle Jan Oosthuizen recently brought Evangelist Brian Adams  (who wants to relate to Harvester as Evangelist) from America to our work in Masaka. He was so moved by the testimonies of our students that he decided to sponsor all the students for 2 years. We have opened an MBC bank account and they even gave me tithes! At last there is some reward for all the work done in Uganda!

Tomorrow I will preach in Pastor Eveline’s Church and also deliver a Harvester banner that Jan had made for them. I will also deposit some of our MBC courses, DVD’s & CD’s as well as some of our books in the Church.

At the seminar I taught mainly about preaching & teaching from the Leadership Toolkit written by Apostle Aje Pelser. It is a wonderful tool to have. All our Harvester Pastors should have it and make use of it. It can be ordered from our Church. Write to and get a few for your leadership.

I showed the 5 patterns of preaching & teaching and demonstrated them. Expository Teaching where you take one, two or three scripture verses only and draw all your main points from those verses. This is hard work in preparation because you have to delve deep into the Word of God to expand your sermon. You have to look up meanings and give explanations in a practical manner to help people understand those verses.

Textual teaching makes use of a section of a chapter. You have more material to work with, but it is also basically expository teaching. You limit yourself to that portion of scripture instead of jumping all over the whole Bible. You can make reference to a few other scriptures to explain your points in textual teaching.

Topical teaching is a simpler form of teaching that most Pastors use. You choose a topic like faith, love, healing or meekness and then refer to various parts of the Bible to give understanding.

I taught the difference between Old Covenant and New Covenant preaching & teaching. The Old Covenant form of preaching brings condemnation whereas the New Covenant format brings conviction. We are called to be preachers of righteousness not condemnation. Jesus said He came into the world not to condemn the world but to save it. Apostle Aje listed several differences between Old & New Covenant preaching & teaching to clarify the topic.

Problematic teaching concentrates of a specific problem with reference to how such a problem was solved in the Bible. For instance, in Acts 6 the Greek widows were complaining that they did not get enough food like the Jewish widows. Apostle Peter gave the solution: ‘appoint for yourselves seven men full of faith and the Holy Spirit that can deal with the problem. We as Apostles will give ourselves to the preaching of the Word and to prayer.’

I explained to them about the performance of preaching & teaching. There has to be an opening sentence or transitional sentence with a definite key word relating to all the points in a sermon to give people immediate information about the objective of the message. If you do not make that clear at the start people wonder what you are preaching about for most of the message. When you go somewhere you know where you are going. You don’t say: ‘let’s go!’

By sticking to the objective and using the key word you limit your sermon to something specific.

I have learned to give just enough spiritual food so people come back for more instead of showing off my knowledge of the Bible. Most ministers give people more than they can devour.

Bible Character teaching pinpoints lessons we can learn from a particular character in the Bible. For instance we learn meekness from Moses. We learn moral character from Joseph. We learn bravery from David. We learn willingness to suffer from Paul.

We learn tithing from Abraham.

I also mentioned the gifts of the spirit and how to operate in them. It is vital to step out in faith and trust God for words of knowledge and prophecy, to discern spirits and to minister healing in the Name of Jesus in order to make people whole and perfect the saints and train them in the work of the ministry.

I shared with them how to conduct a service and not just go through traditional rituals in order to keep it fresh & surprising.

Pastor John told me how fake miracle workers have been exposed on TV in Uganda lately. They pay people money to get up out of wheelchairs!

He also told me how Pastors in Uganda adopt orphans to get money. They say they have an orphanage but they only have two kids adopted living in their home. So the money goes to their home, not to the kids.

He is building relationships with Pastors that attend MBC in Masaka.

He showed me how Church members in most churches are over loaded with work and always condemned for not doing enough or giving enough to the Church. The people are tired and have no rest. They have not entered the rest of God in Christ Jesus. It is all work, work, work!

John explained how difficult it is to change people’s mindsets from traditional religious thinking devised by a particular culture to the Scriptural way of thinking. That is what reform is all about. To change the way people think.

Bob Dylan sings: ‘I’m gonna change my way of thinking, find me a new set of rules!’ on his album ‘A slow train coming’. It is worth listening to. His 3 Gospel Albums explain the Gospel very well. His ‘Saved’ album is one of the best expositions of the Gospel of Jesus Christ you will ever hear. He had an encounter with Jesus that laid his hand on his shoulder that was so real that he converted to Christianity. He attended a Bible School for 3 months in California where he learned the Scriptures. The Pastor of the Bible School tells how Dylan quoted Scriptures in class. He has a tremendous capacity to memorize words. Having been a performer that wrote almost 1 000 songs he has to remember all the words. When a reporter asked him how he remembers all the words he explained: ‘a song walks by itself. I go back to the experience that gave me the song and I walk the path.’ He won the Nobel Prize for literature 2 years ago for making such a great contribution to so many things through his variety of songs.

John preached in several of our Harvester Churches and gave me good insight into what is going on in those Churches and where the Pastor’s heart is. He told me how he taught Eveline and her husband about ‘Farming God’s Way’, something Apostle Tobias has brought to Uganda. They have a piece of land where they can farm. He said both she and her husband are hard working people. He could pick up how committed they are to Harvester because spoke to her in a dream to become part of Harvester International Ministries. She obeyed and changed the name of her church immediately and took our constitution and Foundation Class to start with.

Apostle Jan Oosthuizen has done a tremendous work in Uganda and preached in most of our small Churches as well as in large conferences for other Pastors. He & Apostle Tobias most certainly helped to lay a good foundation for Harvester in Uganda. If other Harvester Pastors would adopt a nation like they did it would lighten my load tremendously.

To have John Mugisha as Pastor in Uganda is a great asset. He came to MBC in Cape Town, worked at nights as a chef and paid his own way through College. He was a quiet and attentive student and he told me how he still hears Apostle Aje’s words behind him when he has to preach or make decisions. He says his time at MBC changed his way of thinking completely and the correction he received helped him to make good spiritual progress. His teaching is very accurate and Scriptural. If we can have more MBC students of his caliber it would advance the reform in many nations in a wonderful way.