Decisions: What shall I do?

Philippians 1:21-26

Decisions are part of daily routine. We make small decisions and big decisions. We require God’s wisdom to make wise decisions. Everything you receive is according to what you choose, according to what you decide.

We often learn through our mistakes. But there is a better way. Learn by getting to know God’s word in the Bible. God gives wisdom to apply knowledge and to make decisions according to His purpose and design.

Paul was in chains and yet his determination encouraged others. He had a hard decision to make: go to heaven or remain on earth. He had visions of heaven and yet chose to stay here for the sake of others.

We read about it in the first chapter of Philippians. Let us analyze the demands of Paul’s decision that can help us with our decision-making process.

  1. Paul was not sure what to do at first. V22: ‘yet what I shall choose I cannot tell.’
  2. Paul was under pressure to make a decision. V 23: ‘for I am hard pressed between the two.’
  3. Paul had to find a reason to make the decision. V.24: ‘it is more needful for you.’
  4. Paul eventually made a confident decision. V.25: ‘and being confident of this.’
  5. Paul’s choice caused great joy and benefitted other people as well. V.26: their progress and joy caused them to rejoice more abundantly in Christ Jesus.

We pray Paul’s prayer that God will enlighten our understanding that we might know the hope of His calling, the treasure in the saints and the power of resurrection that raised Jesus Christ from the dead. That power works mightily in us who believe. (Philippians 1: 17-21)

I don’t know what decisions you have to make, but ask God to speak to you through His Word and by His Spirit so that you make decisions according to His will. He is faithful and will also do it.

When you know the will of God your faith is released. When you honestly try to walk according to the purposes of God it takes fear away. When you know where you are going the obstacles do not discourage you any more. They become stepping-stones to the summit you are trying to reach. God wants you to enjoy your Christian life.

If you make a wrong decision, repent and trust God to make a wise decision next.

If you lack wisdom ask and God will give you wisdom without upbraiding. But ask in faith not doubting for he that doubts is like the waves in the sea tossed to and fro by the wind. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. (James 1:5)

Wisdom will preserve you, promote, honor and enrich you and give you long life.

God wants us to be transformed into the image of His Son. He wants us to learn that godliness with contentment is great gain. His will for us is to be thankful at all times. He wants our joy to be full. He wants us to be in health and to prosper as our souls prosper. He has good intentions for us. God is a good God.

Bless His holy Name!