India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Philippines September 2012 – The Lord added churches daily – by Apostle André Pelser

The Lord added churches daily – Apostle Andre Pelser

The scriptures sound too good to be true. Like Acts 2:42: And the Lord added daily to the church such as should be saved. They met daily in the temple and that is why the Lord could add new souls daily. It was the birth of the first church so it was something entirely new to everyone concerned.

The world has become blasé about church and even call this generation post-Christian! But even though today’s generation is filled with information and are distracted with gadgets of every kind imaginable, they are depressed, lonely and fearful of the future. Without the Prince of Peace you cannot have peace. Jesus Christ is still the Saviour of the world. His blood still pays for the sins of mankind. Anyone who believes in Him shall be saved from eternal damnation in hell and receive everlasting life!

On this trip I had 17 active days in ministry and the rest were spent flying. I had two days’ rest. And the Lord added 17 Harvester Reformational Churches – daily, just like it said in the book of Acts! But this time it was not only souls being added, but churches! It is the Lord’s doing and it is wonderful in our eyes.


Pollachi, India

In India there are only 2% Christians in a nation of over a billion people. The greatest need in India is to build Miracle Bible Colleges and train pastors who can plant more Harvester Reformational Churches.

I travelled past many of the spots where Yve and I spent some time on our first trip to India a few years ago. We trained hundreds of pastors and their wives and held many meetings arranged by Pastor James Raj. A particular roadside advertisement caught my attention: ‘Slaves Restaurant – eager to serve you!’ It made me think this restaurant will never make it in the West because humility is not seen as promotion. Here in India humility is an advantage.

Pastor Vedha attended the Pollachi conference and read my book ‘God’s Genius’. Then he spoke to a few independent pastors who also attended the conference and read my book and approached me to collaborate with Harvester Reformational Church internationally.

I ordained Dr. W.S. Vedha as an apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ in Pollachi and also ordained 9 other Harvester pastors and 3 elders. Vedha’s whole family is involved in the ministry. Even his wife, Mrs. V, pastors a Harvester Church near their house. His son Anbhu translated for me where I preached or trained pastors. He also pastors a church in the rural area.

When I prophesied over Vedha he wept and said, ‘Meeting Apostle Andre is a milestone in my life. All my life I asked God to send me a friend with the same vision as I have for the rural areas. Now God sent Apostle Andre to be my friend.’ It was very moving indeed.

Although I do not get any jet lag I did not allow myself any time to rest before the meetings started in India. As I am recovering from severe food poisoning in Nigeria last year, I am still slightly weak and need rest. But I am recovering by the grace of God.

I ate chapatti or rote with vegetable sauce most of the time in the little hotel in Pollachi, but the best meal I had was when Mrs. V cooked for us! It was not a meal but rather a feast.


Kollarpatty, India

God did many wonderful things in our midst and I preached and taught on a variety of subjects throughout the meetings in various Harvester Churches in India. For instance I taught on insights into the fullness of God taken from Ephesians 1:23. The Greek word for fullness is ‘pleroma’ and it signifies a sea faring vessel that is fully equipped with all the necessary provision, ammunition and sailors to safely reach its destination.

On the way to Coimbatore airport I dropped my black Moleskine notebook in the car, but they recovered it and sent it to my home address. I hardly travel without my Moleskine notebook!


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Pastor David Pratnam recovered recently from a triple by-pass heart operation. He has been out of the ministry for a while. The first meeting he planned would be a new church plant in Colombo, the capital. So that morning as I woke up I said to myself, ‘today I will plant a church with David!’ It excited me and I waited on the Holy Spirit for the right message. The Lord’s Spirit spoke to me about how Jesus changed Simon’s name to Peter. But I did not feel I should preach about it.

I spoke about apostolic ministry and how apostles suffer. I also spoke about how they face death for Christ’s sake. It is no light matter. It is not a title to promote you, it is a function that is life threatening!

Before I ordained David as an apostle he said the Lord once told him in a prophecy that his name will change to Paul when someone comes to ordain him. Today was that day! So I ordained him as David Paul Pratnam, an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. There were many other pastors present to witness it. I ordained more pastors and elders, anointed and prophesied over them.

‘Next time you come we will arrange a great conference for you!’ the Pastors agreed. ‘You know, the Lord chose this Tuesday, an obscure day in the week, and the Lord let it rain very heavily, to separate the inquisitive ones from the ones who really had to be at this apostolic meeting – just like He separated the 22 000 soldiers of Gideon from the 300 men that eventually went with him to defeat the Midianites,’ I told them.


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city with breathtaking architecture. The city is clean and well planned. I was really impressed. The people are friendly and the hotel was really excellent. Some of the homes in the suburbs give one a feeling of American cluster homes all built in the same style.


Simpang Empat, Malaysia

The name of the village means ‘Four Junctions’ so I spoke on the four junctions of the cross of Jesus Christ: from God to man and from man to man, the vertical and horizontal arms of the cross.

I also preached on God’s Reward System and taught them to believe that God exists and is a Rewarder of those who diligently seek Him according to Hebrews 11:6. Then I ordained pastor Pillay as an apostle in Harvester and ordained some others as well.


Hutan Melintang, Malaysia

We drove to Hutan Melintang where I went to bless people that waited a few hours for me. The two hours there and back gave us plenty of time to talk in the old Merc we were driving. I noticed the tens of thousands of coconut trees and wondered why they were never straight but always bent over. Pastor Raj explained that each coconut draws a litre of water from the ground and each coconut tree can carry up to 200 coconuts which make it 200 litres of water. No wonder the poor, thin tree is bent over!

We had a wonderful lunch together in a Chinese restaurant that seats 1 000 people when it is full.


Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Jesus Loves You City Church has received me on several occasions over the past two years. Pastor Rey and Joy de Benito have opened their hearts and network of churches to my apostolic ministry.

‘You elevate our consciousness,’ they wrote to me and also said, ‘its future impact will place us to a vantage position as a church.’

I had a revelation about the anointing and preached about it. I never saw those things before. Only the Spirit can reveal such things to you. Many people were helped by this revelation.

I was invited to join a birthday celebration for lunch in a Chinese Restaurant again (it seems like I am being prepared for China in January 2013!). I was so privileged to be part of the celebration, so I prophesied over the lady who was enjoying her birthday with her friends.

‘He prophesied over all the things I asked the Lord about,’ she told them.


Marikina, Philippines

The same Sunday afternoon I went to pastor Elmer and Nanette’s church in Marikina. We spent a few hours talking together. The Lord really helped me to speak into their hearts and into their situation.

‘It feels like we sat at the feet of an apostle!’ Nanette said.

Pastor Elmer wrote to me and said: ‘your words I will not forget. You taught me not to copy others but to be myself. You showed me how to be confident because God has prepared me for what I’m doing.’

During the meeting I spoke on an obscure verse in Hebrews 7:12: for the  priesthood being changed, there is of necessity a change also of the law. I spoke on how the priesthood changed from Aaron and Levi to Melchizedek and Jesus from the tribe of Judah. The New Covenant is based on a better priesthood and better promises than the Old Covenant. So I do not know why people want to hold on to Old Covenant practices such as eat not, drink not and keeping feasts and holy days which were all shadows of things to come in Christ and have all passed away since Christ came!

Pastor Elmer and Nanette have just recently been sent to Marikina to pastor the church and they have felt a lot of resistance. The Lord sent me to speak about the necessity for the people to change and to accept them. I also spoke about tithing which Abraham introduced when he gave a tenth of the spoils to the great Melchizedek. Jesus is our Melchizedek and we bring our tithes and offerings to His house, the Church.

Afterwards the ministry couple and other people thanked me for being sent to them at the right time and praised God. I was humbled by their gratitude.


The plane has become my cross

On the way back I saw the plane on the screen viewed from the tail camera as we took off on the runway. Suddenly the sun’s rays made the wings glisten. I saw the cross before me. The plane resembled a cross. Then I heard the Spirit say to me, ‘the plane has become your cross.’ I shed some tears, when I realised that I deny myself every time I leave my home, family and church to go to other lands, and that I always sit in the economy section all my life because I cannot afford business class. The leg room is sparse and the seat is cramped up when others put their seats back to sleep. I travelled over 40 000 Kilometres on this trip, eleven flights to five countries. I have now been to 94 nations and intend to go to all 192, the Lord sparing me and keeping me healthy! The plane has become my cross…I have never thought about it. It will change my attitude forever – and I will follow the Lamb wherever He leads. Jesus said, ‘if any man will be my follower, let him deny himself, take up his cross and follow me.’ Most Christians just want to start following without denying themselves and not taking up their cross…


Andre Pelser, a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ