Lahore, Pakistan March 2011 – by Apostle André Pelser

Tent Campaign

Evangelist John Maasbach invited me to come to Pakistan to teach during his campaign in Lahore. It was a great privilege to be there and to enter into the labours of his father, the late Johan Maasbach who inspired me to become a missionary. Quite a large team from the Netherlands accompanied John, including his sister Gonnie from America,his son Micah and cousin Jesselyn.

Pastor John’s preaching about Joseph, The Tent of Meeting, The Arrow of the Lord’s Deliverance, The Glory of God, brought tremendous responses from the large crowd in the tent every night. The team ministered to the people after every meeting, sometimes till late at night.

The attendance at the campaign was affected by the murder of Shahbaz Bhatti, the only Christian opposition leader. Al Qaeda took responsibility for the murder and warned, ‘let this be a warning to all infidels including all Christians and Jews! From now on we will send all infidels to hell with the help and the blessings of Allah!’ His body was riddled with 30 machine gun bullets. No arrests were made concerning the murder.

The sad truth is that no one dares speak out against religious zealotry. There is no restraint against the Muslim extremists either. Several car bombs exploded in Pakistan while we were there.

One night a little girl brought me a note on stage. It read, ‘please pray urgently for Unees, who is having an epileptic fit right now!’ Pastor John asked me to say something before he started preaching so I asked the congregation to intercede for that girl. The following night the brother brought me another note: ‘Unees is in the meeting. She is healed. My mother would like to testify.’

Brother Pete from Holland, brought a man to me that also suffered from epilepsy. When I prayed for him he fell on the ground and crawled on his back like an alligator with his elbows and feet. I bent over him and whispered in his ear: ‘you epileptic spirit, go, in Jesus, Name!’ The spirit left him and he lay there exhausted.

There were so many testimonies of what God did for the people. One night Pastor John ministered to people for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. Many received the Holy Spirit. Several ladies testified of being healed of tumours. A hospital scan proved the one lady’s miracle. A deaf mute person started speaking and hearing for the first time! People were saved by accepting Jesus Christ as their Saviour; many were healed, delivered and received divine strengthening.

Many of the Dutch team members testified how this trip touched their lives very deeply.

Pakistan is a very troubled place and people have become accustomed to live with the violence and the unrest. It is extremely poverty stricken.

The sign of the donkey

I particularly felt pity for the poor donkeys pulling carts and being mistreated and beaten with sticks. It seems as if they do not have sufficient food either. So I preached about two donkeys, the ones on which Jesus rode when He entered Jerusalem. As I preached a donkey cart drove past the entrance of the tent and then came back again! It was a sign for those who could accept it!

I also ministered on the Adulterous woman whom Jesus forgave. Some of the crowd helped me to act out the scene. And then we cast our clothes down the aisle as an acting prophecy to welcome a new visitation of the Lord to the city of Lahore and to the country of Pakistan. We shouted, ‘Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He who comes in the Name of the Lord!’

A cricketer receives a call up to play for Pakistan

I went to the Lahore cricket stadium and met Anwar Akmal the brother of Kumar Akmal who is currently keeping wicket for Pakistan in the World Cup Cricket tournament. I also met a new fast bowler (about 6 ft 9 inches tall!) called Aqwar. International test cricket has been banned from Pakistan after the Al Qaeda attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team two years ago. Pakistan has to play all their test matches in England.

Before we left, it was announced that the first unofficial test will be played again in December this year.

Anwar told me: ‘they did not pick me this time! I wanted to be at the world cup!’

‘I agree with you!’ I said.

Within a few days he received a call up to go to the world cup to join the Pakistan team and his brother! When I returned home I watched him bat with Faqir who hit the winning runs against Australia. It was the first time Australia lost in 34 test matches at the world cup.

‘That’s the guy I shook hands with! Anwar Akmal!’ I told my family as we watched the match.

Isn’t it amazing that I met him at the stadium in Lahore? Isn’t it amazing that we could agree together for his dream to come true? The Akmal brothers have already bought a house for their parents according to the information I received. They were a very poor family before.

Apostle Andre Pelser