Mauritius – The Islands rejoiced – by Apostle André Pelser

Pastor Balloo summarised the three days of meetings in Palma, Mauritius in this way: ‘Apostle Andre was sent to us and he came, making no demands, and he refreshed us and the Lord blessed us in so many ways. The Island Rejoiced!’

When they took me to the airport after my short visit, they said, ‘how can we love you so much and we have only known you for three days?’ ‘It is the love of God,’ I assured them. God’s love can melt the hardest heart and bring hearts together. The hearts of the fathers return to the sons and the hearts of the sons return to their fathers. This is a sign of the work of the Holy Spirit. A young man put it this way:

‘Listening to you preach is like watching a movie! You don’t tell us about a character you become that person. We can see that person come alive!’ This is simply the way God chose to use me. Nola and I gave up acting when we decided to become missionaries to Australia. But our acting abilities and our musical abilities belong to God. He can use it as He wants to, when He wants to – for His glory!

I preached about the Third Dimension and about the Images of Christ and while I preached people were healed: a man who had lost his memory regained it; another man was healed from sugar diabetes. A man who had stabbing pains in his head said, ‘I became so interested in what you had to say, that I forgot I had pains in my head. I only realised that afternoon that they were gone!’ Praise God! It was like when Peter preached to the household of Cornelius: while he was speaking the Holy Spirit fell and they began to speak in tongues! God confirmed His word with signs and wonders!

How this trip came about is a miracle. Some of our people frequented the Island of Mauritius on various occasions and handed out some of my books to pastors. They urged me to go for almost two years.

Suddenly two weeks ago I felt prompted to go. I spoke to Nola and to our church leadership and to the people who have been to Mauritius and they all agreed that I should go. It was very sudden. But one couple said to me, ‘we have decided to pay your air fares this week!’ Another church member emailed and phoned the pastors in Mauritius and told them I was coming.

When I got there, Pastor Balloo told me, ‘we have been hurt by the leaders of apostolic networks and the leaders of the church growth movement: they all want us to sign documents and to pay them money for being part of their network.’ I realised that these men bullied these gentle people into submission. This nation was slaves for hundreds of years and now these church men wanted to enslave them again – spiritually. ‘But you came to set us free – you changed the way we think, you showed us a different perspective, you opened the Third Dimension to us!’

I have not even seen any of the pristine beaches or the luxurious holiday resorts in Mauritius. I stayed in a hotel in town and visited people in their homes and preached in a church in a village. That is all. I know the way to the airport. I can give you lots of statistics about Mauritius which I have read up while I was there and I can say ‘Ki maniere’ which means ‘how are you’ in Creole, but I simply want to convey the message that I went where the Spirit sent me, did the work that was required to do, and returned with a heart full of joy! Jesus said, ‘my food is to do the will of my Father and to finish His work that He gave me to do!’ There is much sustenance in doing that.

Apostle Andre Pelser