Philippines July 2012 – Two typhoons hit while I was there – by Apostle André Pelser

Two typhoons hit the Philippines while I was there in July 2012. The streets in Manila were flooded and there was the usual ‘brownout’ as they refer to a blackout. The city was covered in darkness except for the few hotels that have their own generators. In the provinces many thousands of people were evacuated from their homes. Only one person was reported dead, though.

The rainy season brings many typhoons to the archipelago of the Philippines that is made up of 7 000 islands.

The Philippines has very rich natural resources and it is placed strategically in the East for trade purposes. The Philippines is the doorway to Asia. Within 2 to 5 hours you can reach two thirds of the world’s entire population. Just think about it: Japan, China, India, South Korea, Pakistan, Cambodia, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Thailand are close to the Philippines that is almost the epicenter of the East!

Joblessness and poverty scattered Philippinos to more than 180 nations. They are wonderful workers and very friendly and hospitable. They speak reasonably good English and understand English very well. Besides English they speak Tagalog. There are however over a hundred and seventy other dialects in the rural areas.

Pastor Jovie Galaraga, whom Nola and I met in Den Haag during the Maasbach Wereldzending conference, introduced me to 17 pastors the first time I went to Manila. I have preached in several churches but the ministry of Pastor Rey de Benito in Jesus Loves You City Church is the one I relate to very easily. He has invited me to minister to all his pastors in Hong Kong in January 2012 and then go on to minister to the Underground Church in China. Melody is a Chinese Teacher who will interpret my preaching when I go. The people meet in restaurants and they announce the meeting as ‘A lecture and song’ evening. The word ‘church’ causes suspicion.

Pastor Rey and his wife Joy celebrated their ministry’s 30th anniversary on the 22nd July 2012. It falls on the birthday of our oldest son, Aje. We gave them our entire Miracle Bible College course with all the manuals, lecture notes, exam papers and answers as a gift to their ministry as well as DVD’s, CD’s and many books. They gave each of their Area Leaders a copy of God’s Genius and they will make copies to give to each of their many pastors.

I taught many reformation principles and expanded understanding concerning apostolic perspective on Christ within, the hope of glory. At the end of the conference they gave me and the other conference speakers, Pastor Rajan and Ramesh from Malaysia each a plaque of recognition. My plaque read as follows:  ‘in appreciation for blessing our congregation with the powerful and inspirational preaching for this year’s International Missions Convention 2012’.

‘The way you speak English is so easy to understand. Many other ministers come here but the people cannot understand their accents and their language. But the way you act out your message makes the picture so clear. The people love drama in the Philippines,’ pastor Rey reported.

Mubahay…is welcome in Tagalog. Many of the words in Tagalog are derivatives from Spanish. They are just pronounced differently. For instance: makina is machine.

Apostle Andre Pelser