Arise, Shine for your light has come!

Isaiah 60:1

And the glory of the Lord has risen upon you!

‘Kum’ in Hebrew has rich denouements (conclusions)

  1. Rise up to ask the Lord to come and help you- Ps 3:3-7: I cried unto the Lord with my voice and He heard me from His holy hill – Thou oh Lord, art a shield about me, the glory and the lifter of my head – I lay down and slept, I awoke for the Lord sustained me, I will not be afraid of ten thousand people, who have set themselves against me all around, Arise oh Lord, save me, my God, for you have struck all my enemies on the cheekbone, you have broken the teeth of the ungodly. Salvation belongs to the Lord. Your blessing is upon your people.
  2. Rise up to an unvarying position like an altar
  3. Rise up because God chose that you exist in a certain place at a certain time
  4. Rise up and stand tall

Practical application of arising

If each member of our church will take this command personally we will rise up as a church to the full measure of the stature of Christ! We will shine with His glory that is risen upon us! We reflect His light to the world. It is a light full of joy and gladness. It is joy unspeakable and full of glory! It is a light that brings refreshing because of the Lord’s presence. His light speaks of revelation knowledge. The light causes the blind to see out of darkness. It brings opportunities for welfare and prosperity. You will declare a thing and it shall be established for you. So light will shine on your ways. (Job 22:38)

The glory (‘Greek: doxa’) of God means weightiness, honour, dignity, excellence, wealth and magnificence!

Ps 45:13 – the royal daughter is all glorious within the palace her clothing is woven with gold

Promises given as a result of the glory risen upon you

  1. Gentiles will come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising
  2. Your sons will come from afar and your daughters shall be nursed at your side
  3. You shall see and become radiant
  4. Your heart shall swell with joy
  5. The abundance of the sea shall be turned to you
  6. The wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you
  7. The multitude of camels shall cover your land
  8. They shall bring gold and incense
  9. And they shall proclaim the praises of the Lord

The Lord says we shall ascend with acceptance on His altar and He will glorify the house of His glory.

(Isaiah 6: 1 – 10)