Pease help a missionary in ICU

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Please help a missionary in ICU by donating here.

Andre Pelser is a lifelong missionary. Right now he is in the intensive care unit after being poisoned during a recent mission trip.

Before he became sick, a church member suddenly awoke at midnight from a foreboding dream of a witch doctor who was walking toward Andre. He immediately called and woke Pastor Billy to tell him we need to pray. Andre is a threat to the dark forces because he preaches freedom in the name of Jesus Christ. He has become a target. In 2011, he was poisoned and almost died. People around the world prayed, and God has spared his life again!

We are in need of emergency funding to cover costs.

God’s missionaries should not fight alone in these difficult times. You can help contribute to the expensive hospital bills and this worthy cause. Medical insurance premiums are too high for African missionaries to afford because their lives are always at such high risks. Your support will be remembered, and God’s rewards are eternal.

Missionaries willingly lay down their lives to serve God and humanity. They do not complain but thank the Lord for the privilege of serving others for His Name’s sake.

Andre has faced persecution, kidnapping attempts, weaponry attack, poisoning, tsunamis, and sickness. He has not asked but has given.

Andre is a man truly loved by all. He is kind, selfless, sincere and brings laughter and joy. He has been to over 120 nations the last 50 years to train leaders, plant churches and start Bible schools with practical training in how to hear from God from an open Bible in cities and rural areas.

We are grateful for any contribution.

God bless you.