Art Auction for Missions

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Evertsdal Opstal, 13 Hugenot Ave, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550
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Do you have a heart for missions?  Join us for a hearty breakfast and live Blues music performed by the Harvester Blues Band.

Support our next mission to the Far East by bidding on artwork from Apostle André Pelser’s collection “Sketches of a Missionary”.  Apostle Aje Pelser’s oil and canvas collection will add flair to your existing collection.  Come and see!

Booking is essential at R90 per person.  Booking includes a meal, but drinks are extra.

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Evertsdal Opstal, 13 Hugenot Ave, Durbanville, Cape Town, 7550 MAP

Time:    10:00 – 13:00

Breakfast menu:

  • Scramble Eggs
  • Crispy Bacon
  • Flash fried sliced Tomato or Tomato Relish
  • Boerewors or Mince
  • Mushrooms
  • Baked Beans

Served with freshly baked rolls and/or a variety of Toasts, Preserves, Cheese and Butter

How to contribute to missions:

  • Attend the missions auction in person and land the highest bid for one of Apostle Andre or Apostle Aje’s beautiful artworks.
  • Participate as an online bidder via Skype.
  • Make an EFT deposit. Find our banking details here and set the reference as Missions.

How to join us on Skype to participate online at the live auction:

  • Add HarvesterCapeTown as a Skype contact.
  • The Missions Auction will be available via live broadcasts on YouTube.
  • Contact Neil for more details.


About the artists

The Artist: André Pelser

As a young boy André received commendation for his artwork from the late Cape Town based and famous Vladimir Tretchikov. But it only blossomed later in life after he had a dream about holding a watercolor auction and selling all the paintings.

Since then all funds that are raised at these art auctions go to support André’s missionary work where he trains Pastors and leaders free of charge and holds church meetings and conferences.

When André was 12 years old an old lady prophesied that God would use him in other lands. He has spent a lifetime to fulfill that prophecy. He has been to 115 nations up to date (2017) and hopes to go to all nations registered with the United Nations (192) so there are 77 nations to go to!

Before becoming a missionary he and his wife Nola were actors on TV & stage in South Africa and also professional musicians. They use their talents to present the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

André had two Pentax cameras with all the lenses stolen at JFK Airport, New York. This prompted him to make sketches in his little black Moleskine notebook instead of taking pictures on his journeys. From these sketches came the paintings for auctions.

He is a line artist and captures impressions with simple line drawings. He can tell an interesting story behind every painting.

Every painting comes with a signature of the artist at the back as well as the date and place where it was sold to make it authentic.

Examples of his art can be seen at


The Artist: Aje Pelser

André’s oldest son, Aje, is an oil painter and they hold joint auctions. Aje does a lot of commission work. They work together in missions for Harvester International Ministries. The slogan: “Commissioned to Go! Commanded to Love!” Summarizes what they stand for and why they use arts to reach new frontiers.

Aje compiled his recent collection in water colours from his mission to France last year. There is a move towards stronger lines like his Dad. He also added a few photographic prints for this offering.

Examples of his art can be seen at


Thanks for your interest in this art for missions project and may God bless you!

Andre & Aje Pelser