In the slipstream of Jesus

In the slipstream of Jesus

Jesus said: ‘follow me!’ If we follow we are in His slipstream. He makes it easier for us. He takes the force of the wind, He cuts open a way in the jungle for us, He makes a way in the desert and all we have to do is to follow Him.

To be in His slipstream makes things easier for His followers.

Many times we forget to follow Him and we want to run ahead, past Him! Then we feel the resistance of the wind and the powerful growth of the jungle plants that prevents us from making progress, and we easily loose our way in the desert! But when we get back into position behind the Lord we fall into His slipstream and suddenly things seem easier. He leads the way and He asks us to follow – for our own sake!

Jesus knows where He is going. He knows where He is leading us. He is the Good Shepherd that lays down His life for the sheep. He knows His sheep by name and they know His voice. They know when He speaks. They recognize His voice. They do not listen to the voice of a stranger.

And they can hear His voice in a sermon, a prophecy, a kind word or a warning, they can hear His word in a book or a CD, in a dream or a strong impression. They know that it is the Lord!

The Hebrew word to follow is ‘achar’ (almost like ‘agter’ in Afrikaans!) and has depths of meanings: to remain behind until blessing comes and victory is won! Linger on until fulfilled – in Acts 1, 2 the disciples had to wait until the promised Holy Spirit was poured out from on high.

If you follow someone you learn from them. You learn from their example. If you follow Jesus you learn from His commitment, obedience, willingness, compassion, authority, grace and how to do God’s will.

But what if following leads through trials and tribulations? It builds character and brings hope. Tribulations also works patience. You learn to trust God when you cannot see anything happening. You accept God’s dealings with you now in order to enjoy God’s blessings later on.

Following Jesus is nothing less than yielding to His authority in your life. You learn to obey the prompting of the Holy Spirit. There is therefore now no condemnation for those who obey the promptings of the spirit! (Romans 8:1,2)

When we follow we find rest for our souls.

Certain reasons why we should follow Him

  1. Historical facts become present realities! (John 14:12 – greater works!)
  2. Apostles were appointed from followers
  3. Circuit of preaching established
  4. Acquire skill to do God’s will (vs. Stubborn human will)
  5. He makes you the person He wants you to be

If any man gives up everything for my sake and the Gospel’s he shall receive 100 fold in this life and in the life to come plus some persecutions (Mark 10:29, 30)

A great lesson is to stop looking at how others are following and to put your eyes on Jesus.

When Jesus called His disciples and told them to follow Him he did not promise then a care free life; He did not say there would be no storms along the way, no difficulties, no persecutions, no hardships, no trials of their faith, no rejection – but He promised to be with them through life, whatever they faced, He will be there!

As each member of the church comes into the slipstream of Jesus and have God as their source, as they commit to the vision and purpose of this assembly, God will work on their behalf to strengthen, settle and establish them so that they can cause the growth of the church and the vision worldwide. They will also grow personally and have increase so that they can help to provide for the establishing of Harvester’s vision around the world.

As we follow in the slipstream of Jesus we will mature as believers so that we can teach others and equip them for the work of the ministry. This is what He had in mind from the beginning when He said: ‘I will build My church!’