Stretching the borders of the supernatural


We are standing on the verge of the greatest opportunity to see the power of God manifested in the earth because the world has no answers! Jesus is the answer for the world today! We have come to the Church of the Firstborn, to an innumerable company of angels and to the spirits of just men made perfect and to Jesus the Mediator of the New Covenant. We have positioned ourselves with the Eternal Church and preach the Eternal Gospel. We are reforming churches the way God intended.

Jesus is the Alpha & Omega – the beginning and end – four corners of a sail – set the sail according to the wind to steer the ship in the desirable direction.

When wind changes we change – do not resist Godly change. Learn to thrive in the midst of change – not merely survive. Metathesis – change statements of faith according to what you believe.

You have inherent potential – in your calling: by eyes of faith see possibilities in untapped future. Express your faith in God – it pleases Him. Have a clear vision (without vision people perish) (Prov 29:18) Insight leads to vision that releases creativity. Call things that be not as though they were. Call things out of unseen realities into the visible realm. Vision is a compelling power to re-invent your future.

Synergy – workers together for the same purpose – sum of parts greater than individual part: 1 chase 2 000 and 2 chase 10 000! Co-operative effort release great energy for common destiny. Vision and synergized action can change things drastically. A shared vision clearly seen, understood and often communicated unleash the power of God to alter the future. (Hab 2:2)

Patmos – removed from present reality to get a better picture of what could be.

Where is Eden? A perfect environment where Adam & Eve could rule and have authority. This environment guaranteed success. They lost it due to disobedience.

In Christ God has placed us in an arena of faith and made the invisible resources of heaven available for us by faith. We can express what God has ordained for us. (Eph 2:10-12) We are His workmanship

Goethe the great German poet and playwright once said: ‘when one definitely commits oneself, providence or the Grace of God, moves on one’s behalf. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never have occurred otherwise.’

God gives hunches or inklings to prompt us by His Spirit to do His will. When you move into obedience you enter your Garden of Eden, so to speak. Faith activates our hidden potential in Christ.

The beauty of creation arouses our awareness of our own potential in Christ.

What limits our potential?

Our mentors did not see our potential. They made us see our faults and failures.

You do not have many fathers (I Cor 4:15) that can develop potential. Fathers give a sense of confidence about the future and security about the past. You need a model. People are our resource pool. We learn to connect with others of ‘like precious faith’.

We are a community of visionaries who see the same vision – together we can extend the borders of our dreams beyond our own individual efforts. God-given dreams are transgenerational and serve the purpose of God for those who will be raised up to continue what we began. They will finish what we started. We enter into the labour of those who went before us to finish their work.

Angels assist us when we are fulfilling God’s dream. We enter higher levels of activation. God makes every provision available to help us complete our task. (Psalm 68:11)

God’s endings are always in God’s beginnings. The tree of life in Genesis was out of bounds for Adam & Even and in the book of Revelation it becomes a tree providing fruit in every month of the year! A glimpse of your past circumstances gives keys to future potential. The Holy Spirit energizes us with memories of His activity within us and gives new courage for old ideas!

In the midst of a world spinning out of control we stand firm to fulfil God’s purposes in the earth. We gain access into the supernatural and push back the boundaries of the supernatural by faith in Christ Jesus.