Nigeria – Sardine Omelette – by Apostle Andre Pelser

I have never seen something like that advertised on any menu before anywhere in the world! So I was intrigued. Sardine omelette? I could not imagine what it would taste like.

‘What’s a sardine omelette?’ I asked the waitress.

‘You put da sardine in da omelette,’ she said.


I waited, for at least 40 minutes, as you do in any hotel restaurant in Nigeria or even room service. Then the plate appeared. My taste buds didn’t know how to prepare themselves for this taste explosion! There it was my very first sardine omelette, right in front of me. It was pretty flat, like the normal omelette’s you get in Nigeria. There were small pieces of tomato and green pepper in the flattened out scrambled egg.


‘Where are the sardines?’ I asked. ‘We don’t have sardine.’ The waitress replied nonchalantly and disappeared into the kitchen leaving me alone in the dining room with the Nigerian soap opera bleating out its frustrations on the small TV screen at the end of the room. Well, never a dull moment!


I returned to Pastor Mnandi’s church in Umuahia, Abia State, where the businessman promised to tile the floor the last time I was there. The floor was tiled with beautiful pink tiles. When I finished preaching this time they took up an offering to put in the ceiling of the church. Someone donated all the trestles for the ceiling.


‘Every time you come we finish the church building!’ Pastor Mnandi said. One of the sons of a famous Nigerian TV actor performed a play in the church. He decided to give his talent to the work of the Lord Jesus Christ.


I also ministered in the church where Pastor Philip Bakare is the overseer. He is strong on teaching the people the Word of God. When I greeted them at the end of the meeting with an apostolic greeting, ‘Grace and Peace to you,’ he got up and told them what I just did and they rejoiced loudly for at least 5 minutes with the full knowledge and understanding of the value of those impartations! This is the first time people rejoiced when I saluted them as an apostle. Most churches do not even see it as valuable. They still want the old Charismatic, ‘God is good, all the time!’ type of slogans to cheer them up.

Pastor Bonniface in Cape Town asked me to go and meet his Bishop in Onitsha. I had one day spare so I went. Pastor Paul Nwachukwu has 1 000 churches relating to The Grace of God Mission. He has a mighty auditorium and an apartment block where visitors can stay in Onitsha. His son Paul Junior was most helpful. We had a wonderful time in his office, relating and sharing. I was surprised at his openness: ‘one has to keep on learning new things otherwise you stagnate in the ministry.


You are doing a very important work to train pastors. Too few people want to do that. They just want to hold meetings. But I want you to come and train all our pastors in November this year and your son to come to our youth conference in August. I also want someone to come and train us to worship prophetically in November. It will be a great time to be together.’


At Pastor Sam Osaghae’s assembly there was an armed robbery just after I left the building. The robbers stole the offering! The militants eye churches as soft targets. They also abducted Pastor Sam not so long ago and demanded a ransom from the church.


Obscurity is a form of safety, the Holy Spirit once told me. So I am quite happy not to have my (white) face on any poster in Africa. I much rather prefer to go and come without any fanfare or parade – like Jesus. He helped people and told them not to tell anyone. Then he could go around doing more good and healing people without the interference of opposition and those who tried to kill him.


I trained about 200 leaders in the church where Pastor Sam is the overseer. On the Sunday there were two services totalling about 5 000 people. The Lord helped to supply my needs day by day, sometimes surprisingly miraculous!


This was my tenth visit to Nigeria. The door that opened in Onitsha is a great door of opportunity. Hopefully we will be able to go and perhaps also attend Worship & Clouds the annual all night worship concert arranged by Pastor Godwins in Benin City in November this year.


Our next apostolic missions are to the Congo in July and to Zimbabwe and Uganda in August. I also have to speak at the Global Network of Leaders in Benin City on the 17 of August.


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